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Sri Lanka

We lasted 5 days...

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Friday - afternoon we landed in Sri Lanka in Colmobo aiport. Once we had got outside of the airport, instantly we were surrounded by 6 men asking did we want a taxi they give us good price...blah blah! Alls we wanted was a cig. We ended up getting a taxi to take us and we realised our hostel was miles away from the airport and it was extremely hot carrying around our backpacks. The taxi cost us 4000rs which at first we thought we was getting ripped off but to how far they actually took us compared to back home was pretty cheap. After 10 mins into our journey our co-driver announces we need to pay the toll fee as well but we refused and told him he didn't say that before we it should be included in the price anyway. After 5 mins of telling him no we came to an agreement he will pay 200rs and we'll pay 100rs. After an hours drive and 20 mins of being lost as the driver didn't know where we was staying we finally arrived at Mount Lavinia Homestay in Mount Lavinia. The homestay was lovely and had a lounge with a computer and free wifi. The owner was very helpful and kind to. She also had a pet tortoise called Otto who we all loved! After dumping our bags down we decided to go for a wonder around to check out the area. We walked to the beach when we walked into a beach bar to get a drink of water. For the whole 25 minutes we were there we got talking to the barman he was great until he wouldnt leave us alone and started going on about getting us a cheap van around, getting us weed cos we are young and taking us to the festival tonight with him and his friends. Eventually we managed to get away and got directed to the supermarket for some bits to eat and drink so we could have our tea back at our homestay - from a small walk around we were stared at, laughed at and harassed. We ended up having fried egg on toast which was yummy! When we sat in the lounge we met two other backpacker from Ireland who were lovely to talk to and also told us where to get a good and cheap takeaway from up the road. We decided to use the computer to map out where we was going to go as we were too happy with the place we were. The trains are at the most strange times and didnt really run alot on weekends and were long journeys just from Colombo to Kandy. After a while we decided to stay for the second night we had booked and travel to Kandy on the Sunday.

Saturday - Todayi woke up with 15 mossy bites on my legs and feet - wasnt impressed haha! We had a relaxing day at the beach, the two irish backpackers advised us not to go out before 3pm as it was so hot and humid. So we pottered around our homestay for a few hours before hitting the beach. We had a really good day and all of us felt so much better about Sri Lanka so later on we decided to plan our journey properly for tomorrow for heading to Kandy. We tried the takeaway from Cassarole Restaurant which was a five minute walk away from our homestay.

Sunday - Me and Joe had has a bad nights sleep as it was too hot, my cough was bad and my mossy bites were extremely itchy! We got up at 7:30am to get ready to catch the train from Mt Lavinia station to Colombo Fort at 9:10am which cost 20rs each. Then when we arrived at Colombo Fort we caught the train to Kandy at 10:35am, we got 2nd class for 190rs so overall our train journeys had cost us 97p for a 4 hour and 15 minute ride. Straight away i fell alseep on the train from the bad nights sleep i had so for alot of the ride i wasnt awake. From what i need the scenery was amazing at times of mountains and farmers fields. After along hot 4 hour ride to Kandy we got off in the extreme heat with our backpacks and made an attempt to find a hostel. We didnt get very far as we walked in the wrong direction and then two tuk tuk drivers came along so we asked them about a hostel so they took us to Prasanna Village Inn for 100rs per couple which is 50p in our money. When we got there, the owner had two rooms free but one was only ready in two hour which didnt bother us. It cost us 2500rs per couple but had to pay 500rs for air conditioning if we wanted it on but only told us this when we asked for it for the second room later on. Me and Joe decided to pay as we didnt get a good night sleep last night due to the heat but Adam and Becka decided they could live without it and saved their money. Later on we spoke to the owner about what there is to see in Kandy and he suggested he could get us a private van for the day which would wait for us and bring us back to Kandy for 8000rs for all of us. This would take us to Sigiyia, Dambulla Caves, Spice gardens and a few other things. This sound fab so we arranged with him for the van to pick us up at 9am tomorrow. After this we went to get some food and walked around Kandy city centre for 45 miinutes before we found a decent place to eat. We went to Green Park Restaurant and ordered chicken fried rice and chips for all of us. Becka, Adam and Joe werent too keen on the fried rice but since i had a cold i could only taste the spring onions which was fine by me as i was starving! We then climbed the monstrous hill back to hostel and played cards on the balcony for the rest of the night.

Monday - We woke up at 7:30am for our trip to find that the van was 45 minutes late and wasnt actually a van it was an old Toyota that we'd seen driving up ydriving up and down the hill for ages and kept cutting out alot! We told the owner we werent having a shitty old car for the day and packed our bags again and left. We gave the owner the keys back when he decided to tell us a van was on its way for us but we told him it was too late. So back to Kandy train station we went to catch the train back to were we first started and felt more safe - Mount Lavinia. We arrived at the train station at 10;19am and found the 10:30am train had been cancelled so we waited 2 and half hours sat on the floor inside the train station. Me and Becka needed the toilet whilst waiting for the train so we went to the toilet to find shit everywhere in one of the toilets and the other was a foreign toilet which was the toilet shape thing on the floor. In the end I needed the toilet that bad I had to brave it, the smell was making me want to be sick it was that bad!! When we finally got on the train it was a fight to get on the train as it was so busy cos the last train was cancelled. Instead of sitting down, we ended up having to stand up for the whole 4 hour journey. This was the train journey from hell - standing up was bad enough but in the heat on a packed our train wasnt fun. After a few stops the train become impossible to even move on and we were struggling to keep cool at all. After a horrendous 4 hour train journey we finally arrived at Colombo Fort where we then had to get another train to Mount Lavinia, after 15 minutes of waiting we hopped on the train in 3rd class as we thought it would be okay since it was only a 20 minute journey. Well how wrong could we of been!! The train was rammed and there was no room to breathe. After a few minutes of being on the train, a guy asked Adam where are we getting of at and then he went on to tell us that this train didn't stop at Mount Lavinia. We thought he was just trying to kid up because we're foreigners but after talking to a few other locals we found he wasn't joking at all. We had gotten on the Express train so it didn't stop at Mount Lavinia. They told us to get off at the stop after Mount Lavinia and walk or get a taxi to where we want to go! Getting of the train was the hardest thing, none the locals would move for us so we had to barge our way through and then jump off on to the train track as the train didn't stop next to the platform. When we finally all got off the train, i suggested to walk along the beach as it would lead us to Mount Lavinia beach were we knew. Well how wrong was I, it was the most awful beach i have ever seen, rubbish everywhere and boats all parked up. There were little hand built houses all in a line which were built out of anything they could find - we didn't exactly feel safe but we marched on and didn't stop until we reached the end of the beach and went through a hotel to get on to the road. We were really lucky the people seemed to be amazed to see white people so they were all just saying hello to us. After a long walk to hostel area, we went to the first place we stayed at put she had no room for us but advised us to go to 2 hostels but we couldn't find them and we was so tired we decided to stay at another hostel down the road. We then dropped our bags and went to visit our favorite takeaway place Cassarole Restaurant. When we got back we asked for 4 folks but they only brought up 2 folks and plates so we asked for the other two but me and Joe were too hungry to wait and we never got them anyway so its just as well we didn't!! When we went back into our room for a shower, Joe said he didn't feel safe here so we locked up ever door with chairs to help us feel safer and it was only for one night so we put up with it. Whilst Joe got a shower I decided to try and skype my mum and sister in the hall way as there was better signal but no one was answering. Before i went back to our room a creepy guy came up the stairs asking me - what is your name? what are you doing? Do you have facebook? I answered his questions and quickly went back to our room. Tonight our flight was confirmed we are getting out of Sri Lanka in two days time - we all felt relieved!!
Tuesday - Check out was at 8am so we quickly made an exit from the creepy hostel. We moved on to find one of the hostels the lady told us about last night but sadly they were full so we went to find the other one she suggested and luckily they had room for a 4 bed dorm it was 3000rs for all of us. We threw our bags down and went to the bakery and supermarket for breakfast. After breakfast we thought we would go to the beach to relax after the horrible day we had yesterday. We didn't last long as all of us become to hot and bored so we headed back to our hostel to chill. We looked for hostels in Singapore so we had an idea where to head for when we landed tomorrow. We got talking to two travelers one being American and one being German so we listened to their crazy lifestyle of travelling. After four hours had pasted it was time for tea so we got our very last takeaway from Cassarole Restaurant again before we packed our stuff up and chilled out.
Wednesday -
We got ready for our flight and had some breakfast from the bakery again and booked a taxi to the airport only costing us 2800rs this time instead of the 4000rs it cost us from the airport....

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Wednesday -
We landed in Singapore and had to fill in a immigration card each which were handed out on the plane but one was never handed to us so we didn't think anything of it. After pissing around with immigration we finally made our way to our hostel and figured out our way on the train lines to our hostel at the Aljunied train stop. Looking for the street that the hostel was on was the hard part but within a few minutes we had figured it out. It was just a normal door at the end of the street among shops and restaurants with 98SG on the door on A4 pieces of paper. The hostel luckily had a 4 bed dorm free for $18 pp per night, we booked two night so we had chance to relax and not have to find somewhere else to stay tomorrow. By this time it was 10pm so we decided to try and find some food, we walked along the street and come to a place which looked like an all you can eat but it was just pick what you want all ready cooked and they charge you for what you choose. My cost $4SGD for rice noodles, chicken nuggets and fried pork and Joe's cost $3.80SGD for egg nooles, veg and fried pork. It was now late so we bought some water and headed back to the hostel to chill out.
Thursday -
We headed to City Hall train station as we presumed this is where all of the attractions would be. We got off the train and headed into the theatre and made our way to the roof top to look out over the city. After getting a few photos we made our way into the city for a walk around and found how to get to the Supertrees in the Gardens of Bay. Then decided to head to Chinatown on the train from Bayfront train station. As we walked out of the train station at Chinatown, there were decorations everywhere from when the chinese had celebrated Chinese New Year of the Horse. We carried on waking and come across two temples called Sri Mariamman and Buddha tooth relic temple and museum. The Sri Mariamman temple you had to take your shoes and pay to take photos so we quickly walked around the temple as the floor was boiling and got out back to our shoes. We moved on the Buddha temple were me and Becka was asked to cover up with things they provided and then go inside but the boys were told to go upstairs for some reason. After looking around the temple and museum, we decided to head back to our hostel and grab some tea before coming back later on to see the Supertrees. We found a little restaurant down the road from us which cooked fresh food as last nights food was cold. After looking at the menu we did not know what to try so we took pot luck and chose Wonton noodles for me and Shrimp dumpling noodles for Joe. When we were finally ready we made our way to the Supertrees at City Hall train stop, the trees are amazing and you can go for a walk along the bridge across some of them but we decided to give it a miss. After a nice long strole exploring the park where most thing were closed as it was about 11:30pm we made our way back to City Hall train station to find the trains finished at 12am and now it was 12:15am. Oops! So we sort of figured out which way to head walking when we saw a bus drive pasted so we went to see what stops they went at that we could recognised. We ran for a bus we thought was ours but didn't make it so we asked a local guy who tried to help us as much as possible and we finally got on a bus towards our hostel. We got off the bus a few streets away and walked towards our hostel along the way the street was busy and there were hookers everywhere! For some reason I was shocked!
Friday -
We left the hostel early and made our way to woodlands to find a train to Kuala Lumpur. After reaching woodlands we were told we needed to go to another train station to find the train to Kuala Lumpur so we headed there on the last bus to book our sleeper train ride. When we arrived at the station we found out there was no room on the night sleeper train so our only option was to either get the 2pm in 30 minutes or wait until tomorrow. We decided to jump on the 2pm but we didn't manage to grab any lunch before but only bought 3 packets of crisps and big bottle of water so that was our food and water for the next 8 hours....

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Kuala Lumpur

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Friday -
The train station in woodlands had security like an airport which i had never seen before and when going through the final stage getting our stamps the security guy, read my passport and said your lasts name is Butterworth? I said yes it is! He said do you know Butterworth in Malaysia, i said yeah i know my name his famous! He laughed to himself and then told his friend next to him dealing with Joe. Well after along boring 8 hour train ride but it was sitting down in 2nd class so we couldnt complain! We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and headed straight to Mcdonalds for some tea. After that we decided what to do about where to stay as it was 11pm. We found the trains where still running and we had a few addresses of some hostels in Chinatown so we got the train to Pasar Semi. After discovering the ones we went to where full, we found Raizzy's Guesthouse costing us 40RM each for the night for a double room. We were lucky to find a hostel so late with it being 12am.
After getting up early, we made our way downstairs for breakfast which was included in the price. Breakfast was toast with Jam/Butter and cup of tea or coffee. We then packed everything up again and moved to hostel around the corner called Longhouse hostel where we got a 4 bed form for 22RM each a night. Then we headed to Batu Caves - there was markets, monkeys and people everywhere. We made our way up the 200 steps to the Cave and trying to avoid the monkeys as we walked past. The monkeys aren't shy and just run past you, snatch things out of your hand and run away with it. We finally got up the 200 steps to find they had ruined the caves with more markets inside. Looking around the Caves was amazing, you would have to see it for yourself to know what i mean but they are nothing like what i have seen in the UK before. After we had finished taking photos and looking around we decided there was nothing else to but head back and find another attraction. On the way back to the train station Joe wanted to try a fresh Coconut water obvs in a Coconut. The guy just chopped the top off and put two straws in for us. It was so refreshing and nice especially as it was out of the fridge. We made our way back to the KL Sentral and walked towards the butterfly aviary. As much as it sounds not very interesting the butterfly aviary was fascinating if you like wildlife. The butterfly aviary cost us 20 RM each which is 4 GBP. We then moved onto KL largest open aviary of wild birds. This cost us 38 RM each. It was amazing seeing all kinds of birds you just don't see in the UK like Horn bills, Toucans, all kinds of Eagles and Owls we'd never seen before and what made us laugh was they had 'Oriental Birds' which was a normal thing to us - Pigeons, Phesants and more. After alot of walking and it reaching 6pm and still HOT! We made our way back to our hostel for a shower and tea before heading to the Petronas Towers. By the time we had finally made it the towers it was 8:55pm and the Petronas Towers shut to go up at 9pm so we had missed our chance. We took some photos around the area and then headed back to our hostel for a good nights rest.
Sunday -
We went to KL Sentral after breakfast as we had decided we wanted to go to Langkawi which is a little island which is in Malaysia but an hours flight away. In KL Sentral station, there is an Air Asia where you can book flights, tour and more. We booked a return flight to Langkawi on the 24-02-14 from Subang Airport and fly back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport on the 4-03-14 then fly to Singapore early hours on the 5-03-14 before flying to Boracay Island 5 hours later. This return flight to Langkawi and flight to Singapore cost us 1490RM for all of us! After booking our random flight we headed to the markets in Kuala Lumpur to buy some cheap bargins! We ended up buying Ray Bans for 18RM which they wanted 40RM. A purse for 25RM which was meant to be 65RM and an Ice watch for 13RM as well as a Samsung headset for 20RM which was meant to be 65RM. After along day of walking around the market and hassle of everyone we walked passed we decided to head back to the hostel for some tea. Me and Joe decided to go to Chinatown around the corner for a late Birthday meal for me. Costing us 52.71RM for sweet and sour pork with rice and chicken fried rice with garlic veg and also a drink each. Walking through Chinatown we saw all the restaurants with alive frogs and seafood outside waiting to be picked for cooking!
Monday -
We packed up and made our way to the KL sentral for some lunch and exchange some money. We then got a train to Subang Jaya to get to Subang Airport. When we arrived at Subang Jaya we planned to walk to the airport but discovered it was along walk and only highways to walk along so we got a taxi costing us 30RM for all 4 of us! After wondering around for an hour we checked in at 15:35pm and made our way to the waiting area/Gates. The airport was tiny. After what seemed like a long wait of 1 hour 20 minutes, we boarded the plane and got given FREE water and crackers! No UK airline does this!

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What a beautiful place!!

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Monday -
We landed safely in Langkawi at 18:15pm, the flight only took an hour! After collecting out luggage we found there was no security which was strange. We then got given a free map of the island with loads of leaflets to help us find what there is to do all over the island. Then we figured out what direction to walk to find a hostel when a local man stopped us and asked us where we was going so we showed him and he adviced us to get a taxi as it was such a long walk to Cenang - 2 hour walk. After getting a taxi for 20RM for all of us, we then went on the search for a hostel. We then found two hostels but they only had one room each in. So me and Joe stayed at IZZ ROOM and Adam and Becka stayed at Rainbow Lodge which were next door to each other costing us 50RM a night per couple which is 5GBP pp per night. At this time we were starving so we searched for a pizza place we had found on the map called Viva Italia. We ordered our pizzas and waited...starving! After being fed, we had a look along the strip. The strip is full of restaurants, the odd bar and supermarkets and clothes/shoes shops.
Tuesday -
Today we decided to get up early and rent a Ped. It cost us 170RM for me and Joe and the same for Adam and Becka - 50RM being a deposit, 30RM for insurance and 90RM for 3 days rental fee. We headed to Seven Wells Waterfalls and climbed an unbelievable stupidly steep hill which we decided to ZigZag across the road up the hill because it made it alot easier on the old knees! The waterfalls where a disappointment as they weren't running due to the dry weather but there was an amazing view though. On the way back down we found a horrible huge green spider which Adam almost walked into going the toilet. After walking down the huge hill, we bought and ice cream and some COLD water. We then made our way to the Black Sands beach to relax and cool down in the sea. It was fab, eagles flying in the sky, sea was calm and we found some shade to put our things down to run into the sea. We had a few photos taken on the beach which was fun then we drove back to the hostels. Afterwards we went back to the hostel for a shower and sleep before going for tea at Adam and Becka's hostel restaurant and had chicken curry and burger and chips. Then we sat on mine and Joe's porch playing cards til late.
Wednesday -
Before we set off to go get Adam and Becka, I had a go on the ped on my own but it didn't go well as I fell off around the corner from our room landing in gravel and scraped all my foot, knee and elbow....OUCH! Joe apparently told me not to drive on gravel as it wasn't save but I didn't hear him. After my accident we went for a drive to the cave of bats but when we got there we realised we had to do it through a tour. So we decided to carry on driving to the other side of the island to Kuah but there wasn't much there to see apart from the harbours. When we arrived back to Cenang our arses were extremely painful for sitting on the peds for 4 hours so put everything away in the hostels and headed to the beach to cool down. After an hour we was ready for a shower and a snooze before heading out for tea, we went back to Viva Italia but got a takeaway this time to avoid the service charge. I got a carbonara which was in a peppercorn sauce which was yummy and Joe got a chicken chop (sfc) and chips.
Thursday -
Today we took a drive down the southeast coast of the island and found the harbours. Since we had drove all that way we decided to chill out and relax for abit before seeing a lizard, a chipmunk (completely different to UK chipmunks) and the spoke to an Australian guy who lived in Langkawi on his boat and was planning to sail back to Darwin after he had fixed his boat that day. He said if we had the paper work and experience to sail he would of taken us with him on his 6 week trip to Australia. What a shame!!! After giving our bums a rest we headed back to Cenang and went to the beach again to cool down and it was boiling! Later on after our shower and tea we went for a drive to fill the peds back up with petrol for giving them back in the morning. The petrol tank had to be filled up to the same point as we got the peds. On the way back to the hostels we stopped at a 'look out point' we are not really sure what we was meant to be looking at apart from the lights of the other side of the island.
Friday -
We had to give our peds back today at 9:40am so we grabbed some breakfast on the way back to the hostel, Adam and Becka got a cheesy omelette but when it arrived it was an omelette with two thin slices of cheese on top of it and Joe ordered two boiled eggs and toast and got two uncooked eggs so Joe asked him again and got two cold boiled eggs instead. We then spent the day at the beach as it was boiling and we needed to cool down and didn't have the breeze from the peds no more. We then got tea from rainbow lodge again and talked about childhood memories of sweets and cartoons on mine and Joe's porch.
Saturday -
Today we decided the day apart as couples for some alone time so me and Joe went the beach and chilled out topping our tan up and cooling down in the sea. At half three we decided we'd had enough of the beach and went back to the hostel for a shower and a snooze before we met Adam and Becka for tea at 7pm meeting them at the secret meeting place of the grid in between our hostels. We didn't know what we fancied so we walked down the strip until we decided McDonald's sounded like a good idea. In McDonald's we ended up meeting a dragonfly which landed on Joe's straw. Afterwards we went to rainbow lodge were I updated my travel blog and the others played cards. Becka and Adam had decided they are going to Oz early due to problems with there bank cards and can't take out money on every country around Asia. So after a few hours of thinking what me and Joe should do, we have decided to go with them so Becka emailed her mum to get our flight changed to after we got back from Boracay Island. Our plans are to buy a van, do it up like a mini home and travel around Oz for a month or so before starting out working visa.
Sunday -
Today me and Joe decide to hire a ped again so we could go up the cable cars to the top of the mountain to see the view of the whole island. The view was amazing but sadly the skybridge was closed due to safety reasons. When we came back down we went around the oriental village where there was loads of shops to have a route around to see if there was any cheap clothes. We become hungry so we went to a food court and decided to eat a German food court as it looked the nicest buying chicken nuggets and chips but me and Joe ended up fighting over them but ended up sharing and playing nice. After having another look around the shops, Joe bought some shorts for 16.90RM but I couldn't find anything so we made our way back to the ped to make our way back to the hostel as our ped needed to be back for 4:30pm. On the way to the ped I actually find a dress that I liked so we asked the man how much it was and would he take 30RM but he wasn't budging on his price of 38RM as he already had a 20% sale on all the clothes. So after trying to convince him to take 30RM, we gave in and paid 38RM. We drove back the hostels and then had our tea with Adam and Becka.
Monday -
Today we went to the beach again all together and played with the ball in the sea. When we found a sea horse with its tail cut off cos of the stupid boats coming to close to shore. We felt awful but Joe killed it otherwise it would of been in pain for our and died slowly. Adam and Becka decided to go back to our room as that were they were staying as we was trying to save money so we slept a couple in each single bed. Not long after me and Joe joined them as we got bored. We stayed close to our hostel that night so we could just chill as we had a long 32 hour journey to Boracay Island.

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The 32 hour journey to Boracay Island

3 flights, 4 taxis, 1 bus ride, 1 wrong airport and 1 boat ride later...

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On Monday night we snuck Adam and Becka into our room to save money and slept in two single bed - two in each bed. Well its safe to say we all had a bad night sleep as it was too hot. Our flight from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur was at 15:00pm so we arrived at the airport at 12:15pm to give us plenty of time to check in. Then after an hour plane ride we landed in Kuala Lumpur and had to wait 12 hours before we was on our next flight so to kill time, we all went into Kuala Lumpur city centre by the express train costing 35RM each on way then hopped on another train from Kuala Lumpur central to KLCC where all the main malls are. We looked around a few shop before finally finding a decent shop for cheap tablets. Me and Becka ending up getting the same tablet - Window RT Surface 64gb for 1,995RM which is cheaper than the UK asking price. This tablet seemed the best one and I got it as it has a USB cable so I could upload my photos from my camera on to it for Facebook and Travel blog. After purchasing our tablets we made our way back to the airport via the trains again and when we got there we couldn't see our flight on the board so we asked the information desk when we discovered we were at the wrong airport we was meant to be at KLCC airport. So we went down stairs and hopped on a bus for 20 minutes costing us 2.50RM each. The driver was driving like he was in a F1 race, swerving in and out of cars and driving properly faster than a bus should be going but it was funny. When we got there we realised we had never been to this airport before, so we went inside and found a empty corner to try and get some sleep. Well I couldn't sleep for some reason even though I only had a few hours sleep the night before and I didn't like the way other people were starring at us even though there must of been about 70 people doing the same thing. After a hour or so we all become starving and the only thing to eat was McDonald's so we all scraped our last Ringgits and the boys even found money on the floor to help us get enough money haha! The McDonald's filled a gap but none of us felt right afterwards. We decided to actually try and get some sleep before our check in time at 4am so I think I may of got 45 minutes and then it was time to check in. After checking in we waiting around until 5.35am and boarded the plane, which we all slept for the hour we was flying for to Singapore. After landing in Singapore we had another 3 hours before we could check in so we sorted out our money to take with us to Boracay Island as we didn't know if there was any ATMs or currency exchange on the island. We were finally ready to check in to fly to Kalibo. For the 3 hour and 30 minutes we all slept apart from Adam who for some reason couldn't sleep on the plane.
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