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Boracay Island

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When we arrived in Kalibo we had to fill in an immigration form which was very confusing as it asked different questions to see what you was bringing into the country as well as the usual stuff on them forms - where you are staying, etc. Also if you ever visit the Philippines make sure you have a flight out of there or they don't let you fly in. After finally filling in the stupid form which weird questions, we collected our bags and walked outside where we were met by loads of people offering to take us to Boracay Island. We took a minutes before deciding who to go with. It cost us 250php for the taxi ride and boat ride, the taxi was a shared van and took about two hours to reach the port at the top of the country. When we arrived there we were hit by more fees to pay - Environmental fee costing 75php and Terminal fee costing 100php which was annoying as weren't told about these fees before hand but ah well we had to pay them. We climbed aboard a boat fitting about 20 people on each boat and sailed across the sea to Broadway Island port at the bottom of the island near station 3. When we arrived we ended up getting a tuk tuk to in between station 2 & 3 as that is where we thought our hostel was. When we arrived at the stop we paid the tuk tuk man 100php and started to walk around on hunt for our hostel. No one seemed to know where it was then someone told us to go left down the beach as it is more towards station 3. After 25 minutes of walking around with all our bags and asking people do they know where Trafalgar Cottages are, we finally found it at the back of the markets. When we sat down with the owners she seemed shocked to find 4 of us turned up as she didn't read the booking properly and thought only two of us where coming. Luckily she found it was her mistake and had some rooms free for us but no together. Becka and Adam got the cottage downstairs with a private bathroom and Joe and I got the upstairs room with a shared bathroom. The room is just what we needed a place to stay and keep our things and only cost 350php a night each. As we were starving we dropped our stuff and went for a walk for something to eat, we ended up at Yellow cab and had a New York Classic New Yorker size which was massive..and we got them between couples. We actually didn't ended up eating it all either after two slices for me and Becka and Joe and Adam managed three slices each before asking someone to bag the rest up so we could take it home for breakfast! We weren't a fan of what we had seen of Boracay so far.
Thursday -
We all had a well deserved lie in before making our way to Zest's restaurant and bar for brunch where we got a English breakfast each with Hungarian sausage which wasn't as nice as we thought but got a cup of tea which made our day! Haha! After brunch we walked around the beach area and then decided to buy some clothes before we go to Australia on the 14th march as its cheaper in the Philippines. So me and Becka ended up buying a new bag for ourselves and hand luggage. Me and Joe bought a pair of shorts each but we found the Filipino people laughing when asking for sizes they must only have tiny waist people here....not! I found I am a 34 waist and Joe is a large in men's wear. After having fun haggling for our purchases, we decided to walk down the beach and see what's around the place when we come across a place called crazy crêpes. All the choices looked yummy so Joe, Becka and Adam got a large rocky road crêpe and I got a raspberry choco crêpe. They were yummy even though my had cream in it. After walking around some more we started to walk back towards our hostel when Joe seen a dart board and asked could we sit there for abit with a drink so he could play some darts. We ended up talking to two Australian guys who Joe was playing darts with and asking them about Australia for some tips. After half an hour, the aus guys went off to sit with their girlfriends. We ended up sitting in the bar finishing our drinks when a band starting playing so we started watching them and requested some songs for them to sing. We ended up leaving about 12am and we were that hungry we eat the cold pizza and crisps we had as every where had shut at midnight. We had downstairs so we could connect to WiFi when a German guy came in and sat with us and was chatting rubbish as he was drunk and at one point he started talking in German to us and said sometimes he automatically start speaking in his own language and wondered why we couldn't understand him. So shortly afterwards we went to bed as he was driving us crazy.
Friday -
Today we got up and got ready to find somewhere to get brunch again, we ended up in an Italian restaurant for some yummy pasta. We noticed people on surfing boards and a paddle so afterwards we went to check out how much they were to have a go. We went to put all of our stuff in and more money. We paid 2000php for four of us for an hour. The guy helped us onto the boards and showed us how to use them, then off we went. Adam and Joe didn't really take to it so well but Becka and I was quiet good until I realised how far ournat sea we were and freaked out and sat down on the board before I fell in. We ended up paddling more near the shore as loads of boats passing and getting too close for comfort. At one point a boat become that close I had to push myself away from it using the boat as it was almost in my face. As we got more nearer to shore I ended up trying to stand up again and did well until Adam crashed into me twice and I fell off. On the second time I fell off I had hold of the underwater camera and threw it at Adam but he just missed catching it and it sank. So we all started looking like mad for it but didn't do well so I sailed to shore to ask the owner of the stand up paddles for some help to find our camera so him and another guy went in to look for it. After about 10 minutes one of them finally found it. We gave them some money for helping us as they didn't have to. Meanwhile Joe and Adam went to buy some snorkels so we could help them find our camera but by the time they got back they had already found it. We wanted to snorkel anyway so we thought we would test them put when we realised they were cheap because they were a load of rubbish and let water into the glasses so we marched back to the market to demand a refund. After telling the shop keeper our problems she had to go see her boss and ask her if she can give a refund. In the end, the owner agreed to let us have whatever we wanted from her shop that was worth what we spent on the rubbish snorkels, so I got a chandelier made out of shells for my mum and some earrings for me and my sisters. When we finally got back to the hostel we had a shower and got ready to go out for tea but Becka said she wasn't hungry so they went for a takeaway pizza but Joe and I decided to try a little restaurant on the beach were we had the most amazing milkshake - Oreo vanilla! We ended up having two each they were that yummy but they filled me up quickly and didn't eat alot of my tea! I have four mosquito bites on one leg so my leg had ballooned and I was in alot of pain walking around. When we got back to the hostel Joe and Adam decided to go find somewhere with a live band again but I wasn't up to walking as my leg was so swollen and Becka couldn't be bothered so we sat downstairs and I am filling this in to update you all on our travels. We ended up being bored to death by the German guy and more so poor Joe when we got back to the hostel.
Saturday -
We got up before lunch time and went out for brunch at Zest's restaurant, Me and Adam had a baguette, Joe had a ham and cheese omelette on warmed up bread and Becka had a cheese and tomato pizza which was horrible so she didn't end up eating it. We then made our way back to the hostel to let our food settle before we went helmet diving. The lady from the hostel took us to station two to the reception on the company who we were going helmet diving with, the a local man took us for a walk down the beach to pay for our trip before hopping on the boat to floating station were you helmet dive from. It was exciting but nerve racking as well as helmet diving isn't a well known thing. First up Adam went in but came back up twice because his ears kept popping and hurting. So Joe decided to go down first and then it was my turn. We were all guided by a scuba diving down and the weight of the helmets was heavy! Amazingly the water didn't come into the helmet only when you tilted the helmet. After me and Joe got down Adam followed and managed to cope with his ears popping after a minute to help his ears recover. After Adam came up a few times Becka had decided she didn't want to do the helmet diving due to the popping of ears and not being able to come up to the top without a diver helping us. At the bottom of the sea was amazing, loads of different fish swimming around us and I got excited when I saw two clown fish in their own habitat which was amazing to see as I am a massive fan of finding nemo. We had loads of photos taken and then Becka decided she would give it ago and came down for more photos and then got a chance to feed the fish with bread that the scuba divers got from the boat and had a video taken but Adam had had enough by this point and went back up to the boat. After our 20 minutes were up we were guided up to the boat one by one by the scuba diver back up to the boat. When we got back up we dried off abit then got back onto the speed boat to take us back to the beach and then Joe realised he'd left his sandals on the boat station were we had done the helmet dive from. We walked back to Milky's diving centre and told them we'd left the sandals, they told us they will drop them off later on with our cd with photos and video on. We walked back to the hostel for a shower and chilled out after all the excitement of helmet diving. We then chilled for the evening and sat at the table outside checking out our travel blogs, Facebook, etc.
Sunday -
Today we just chilled out and did a little bit of shopping in the local markets just outside our hostel. It was hard to find clothes in the Philippines as they must think everyone is super skinny and s few girls laughed at me when I asked for my English size 10!! I managed to find out my size in the end being a 34 waist and Joe found his size being a 36 but I only bought one pair of shorts as I couldn't be bothered with people having the cheek to laugh at me. From a few nights ago I had been bitten 7 times by mosquitos on one foot so I literally had an elephant foot and my skin felt like it wanted to pop so we walked to the local pharmacy where I thought the medication would be really cheap but I paid 3.90 GBP for 10 antihistamines which we were pretty shocked how expensive it was. I couldn't do anymore walking after this so we walked back to the hostel so I could rest my little feet. For tea Joe and I decided to go back to Yellow Cab and try a Charlie Chan chicken noodles and half a pizza each.
Monday -
Today Joe and I got up early for some waffles for our breakfast, I had butter Carmel and Joe had blueberry and cream cheese. We walked back tot the hostel to get picked up and Nelson was sitting starring at us so we were naughty and sneakily give him a little bit of waffle. A man came to collect us at 9:45am and walked us to the boat on the beach. We picked up a life jacket and jumped aboard. Then the men on the boat came round giving our snorkels before setting off to our first snorkelling stop. When we stopped the men come around making sure our life jackets on properly and put two straps through my legs which was far too tight and give me a wedgey for the whole time we were snorkelling. After 30 minutes of snorkelling and see loads of fish and amazing coral reefs, we got back on to the boat and headed to Crystal Cove. The sea was really rough so we got splashed alot by the waves when we arrived at Crystal Cove we had to pay 2000php to get on the island before we could start exploring. We started talking to a couple on the boat called Nicki and Nathan, who we got to know well throughout the day. We went into two coves which were amazing, going into the coves were really narrow stairs and the waves were crashing in against the rocks. After exploring the little island we got back onto the boat and went for two more snorkelling stops before our 6 hour boat ride ended. When got off the boat, Nicki and Nathan asked us if we wanted to go for a drink at nigi nigi nu noo's. So we all walked down the beach and had a few drinks and chat about travelling and life before heading our separate ways. After a shower, Joe fancied a burger so we went back to Nigi Nigi's for our tea where we ended up getting drunk and bumping into Nicki and Nathan again.
Tuesday -
On our last day in Boracay, Joe and I decided to go see Puka Shell beach which was at the top of the island. Adam and Necks had already been yesterday when we went on the boat trip so they didn't come with us. We got some water and got a tuk tuk for 200php. The beach was beautiful, we sunbathed, looked at all the crazy shells and pebbles and played in the sea which had a biggish drop as soon as you got into the sea. When it started to cool down at about half four we decided to head back to the hostel but gave the tuk tuk driver the wrong area so we ended up walking back as well as a tuk tuk ride. After a shower, we met up with Adam and Becka for our tea at Pizza treat - 14" cheese pizza for 140php. For our last night we went to play pool and listen to the local band at Paradise Gardens Resort for an hour before Joe and I decided we wanted a massage before we went to Australia in a few days. For a Swedish massage for one person for an hour was 350php = 5.47 GBP Bargain!!!! This helped us relax and feel nice and sleepy.
Wednesday -
We had to get up lovely and early to make our journey back to the jetty port at 10am and managed to get the taxi and boat for 200php going back to Kalibo airport. When we got to Caticlan for the taxi we ended up waiting almost an hour before we left as they don't leave without filling up the whole shuttle van. After an hour an half of driving we finally reached the airport when we checked in Tiger air had changed our flights and they wanted proof we were leaving Singapore so our check in process took longer than normal. After checking in, we went for some fresh air and got more money exchanged as we forgot you are charged Terminal fee to get out of the Philippines costing 500php each which luckily Joe and I exchanged too much money yesterday. We went through security and then it was a waiting game for us to board our flight back to Singapore.

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Our two days in Singapore and Flight into Brisbane

12/03/14 - 14/03/14

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When we arrived in Singapore we stayed at the same place called 98SG which is also known as Sky Orchid Hostel as well. We booked online for our first night as we knew we arrived there late but also stayed another night as our flight to Brisbane wasn't until Friday afternoon. It is also cheaper to book online and stay if you know how long you are staying in Singapore for. By this time we were all starving and wanted to go to McDonalds so we hopped on the train to City Hall and got one.
Thursday -
Today we decided as it was cheaper to buy clothes in Singapore than Australia, so we went shopping in Bugis. At first we was going to buy off the market but then came across a big mall were the clothes were the same price as the UK so we bought better quality clothes from the mall. After a long day of shopping we decided to head back to the hostel, which then I decided I wanted to sent the present I had bought my mum, dad and sisters home so they wouldn't get broken in my backpack and also I wasn't sure if Australia would let them in as they were shells and also we found out we could of take 50g of tobacco into Aus each so I sent it home for my friends instead of throwing it away but by the time we got the post office it had shut 5 minutes ago so we ended up having tea in a little 'western' food bar near the post office. Then it was time to pack up our stuff once again for a whole new adventure is Australia.
Friday -
We got up at 10am to check out at 11am and make our way to the airport instead of lugging our luggage around with us around Singapore and go get some lunch in the airport. Our flight was at 15:15pm, duration of flight was 7 hours 30minutes landing in Brisbane at 00:50am local time. This was the best flight with Emirates we've had so far coming around with food and drinks all the time and Becka and Adam also go a picture together in a card from the airhostesses randomly.

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Mine & Joe's Adventure in Australia so far...

The East Coast....from Brisbane to Cairns 15/03/14 - 21/04/14

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Well so far our adventure for Joe & I has been amazing.
Sadly the day we landed in Australia was the day Becka and Adam decided to go their own way.
We landed in Brisbane at 00:50am 15/03/14, made our way to Roma street and found one hostel with a receptionist there at 3am. $25 a night for 6 hours and a horrible room/bed for a night but it did the job.
Brisbane we spent 3 days whilst booking our east coast trip and a spot of shopping. We went into Wicked Travel and booked our greyhound bus from Bisbane to Cairns, Fraser Island 3 day/2 nights and Whitsundays trip 3days/2 nights at $1040 each including a Noosa's Gagaju bush camp for free...even though its free to book anyway and $50 pay when you get there for 'national park tax' which in our eyes we thought they were just charging us for 2 nights accomodatiom.
We also visisted the Steve Irwin Zoo in Beerwah for the day which was amazing. Sadly i didnt get to hold a Koala like i wanted to as they stop doing it at 02:30pm but we did get to pet, feed and have photos with Kangaroos. We had a fab day here at the Zoo.
We had a look around Brisbane but become quite bored and espically as we were finding it hard to socialise as every thought we wouldn't want to being a couple so we booked our greyhound bus up to Noosa.
Noosa is a beautiful little town 2 hours north of Brisbane. We stayed at a beautiful beach house hostel called Halse Lodge YHA which had a welcoming meeting every night at 6pm for all new arrivals with a free glass of wine. The bar was good, rooms were good and even the restaurant food was good but was abit pricey for a backpacker. The prices for rooms are expensive but Noosa is an expensive town and we shortly learned the price was worth staying for. In Noosa we met so many amazing backpackers who we have become friends with short/long term. We stayed in three types of rooms are were all wonderful...double room, five bed dorm and 16 bed dorm (Rainforest room). We partied every night in Noosa and ended up at the beach a few nights drinking and even the park where Joe and a few lads got abit too drunk and threw up. The beach in Noosa was beautiful, Joe has his first surfing lesson and I almost drowned in the sea (twice). The waves and current in the sea is extremely powerful so i can see why they take the lifeguard thing so seriously but at the point i needed help no-one bothered to help me. The national park was amazing to, the coastal walk was just breathe taking. Gagaju bush camp - best and worst thing about the east coast. We had so much fun here but we had an guy in our room who snored like an elephant the first night so we slept on the couch in the movie room which i then couldn't sleep in as i could here animals running around and was shitting myself. We saw a possum eating off the BBQ which was amazing to see and it wasn't at all bothered about us watching him and taking photos. We canoed down the Noosa everglades river to a rope swing and picnic area and also could go to a small beach but a few of us couldnt be bothered fighting the current again in the river so we decided to just stay at the rope swing. That night again we got drunk and played crazy card games like ring of fire with funniest rules ever!!!
The night we go back from Gagaju bush camp, we went back to the YHA where we ended up meeting to Canadian boys called Darryn and Devin. This was meant to be mine and Joe's night off drinking but Joe was influenced by the Canadians and we all ended up at the park and the boys very drunk on beer, white goon and red goon! Devin, Joe and Hanor (german guy) ended up being sick at the park. I went away for 5 minutes to come back to find Darryn walking back to the hostel drunk and didnt know who the hell i was before snapping his key in the lock of our hostel room gate and climbing over a 6 foot fence and falling off it.
After spending a week in Noosa we decided to move on up as we'd heard it was cheaper up north for hostels so we headed to Hervey bay (where you go to do Fraser Island) this turned out to be our worst mistake.
Hervey Bay - there was nothing to do here at all. Its a retiring town with a crap beach, harbour and shark museum. We stayed at the YHA here as well but sadly it wasnt as good as Noosa's YHA. We spent 4 nights here, struggling for something to do and also had shit weather. On our first night we had some food robbed out of the kitchen then on the second night..a girl in our dorm went to the toilet and forgor to lock the door on her way back in. So a drunken guy came into our room our robbed $270 out of my purse and $100 off the girl who left the door open. We didn't even know about it until 7am a female police women woke us up to tell us we'd been robbed. She poured out a few things from a bin bag asking did any belong to us...to my horror my purse was in there with all our money missing and also Joe's old phone has been taken to. I was devastated...but i felt lucky as there was my tablet and camera and bank card the guy could of taken as well. I felt so argue with the girl that left the door open and she had the cheek to laugh about it...she said 'that was her way of dealing with it.'
Anyway i shall stop ranting now...we moved on to Palace hostel where our Fraser Island company was based and we went from. We had a breifing about the trip at 4pm, before meeting everyone who was on our trip and then had a mini house party. As we were getting to know everyone...there was a girl called Jenny there who had heard about us through Devin and Darryn. It become a small world.
Fraser Island is amazing...if you ever get the chance...DO NOT turn it down!! We choose our car group, packed all our things up and watched a safety video before setting off for our amazing trip. We had an amazing car who were actually mainly from england...Jenny, Charlotte, Lukas, Queeva, Izzy, Joe & I. During our drives around the island, we played funny games like e.g. my vagina...starting with A then B when no one can think of anything beginning with A - My Vagina is amazing. We went to Lake Birrabean and Lake Wabby on our first day. They were fresh water lakes with natural tea tree oil in and 'magic' sand which cleaned your teeth, skin and jewellery. Our camping spot was just off the beach and open for dingos to come in and out as they pleased. When we arrived our tour guide Damo, told us not to leave any food outside of the car as it will attract dingos more. A lad called Damian didnt exacxtly listen and took toothpaste and chewing gum into his tent...a cheeky little dingo managed to sniff it out and got in the tent. The dingo didnt take anything but did spread all of Damian's things around the tent area. Then Damo told us we had to have a toilet buddy with a torch and metal pole incase a dingo came near us. Our toilet was the beach but it was an experience. We had two dingos come into our camp site that night and at first it was cool but I become abit afraid when they seemed to be everywhere, that night i didnt sleep well as i could here them routing around the tents. Second day, we visisted Eli creek (aka hangover creek), a ship wreck, indian's head (cliff) and champayne pools. All breathe taking things to see, we didnt want to ever leave. On our third day we went to lake Mckenzie before catching the ferry back over the Hervey Bay back to Palace hostel. When we arrived back at Palace, we heard PENIS being shouted which only meant one thing the Canadian boys where here!! We had a fun night as a group before we moved on to Agnes waters.
Agnes Water is another beautiful town also known as 1770. We stayed at a nice hostel called Cool Bananas the cleanest hostel i have ever been and only a walk away from everything. We were lucky to be able to get in a little free trip our hostel did to 1770 look out point on the cliffs/beach area. We also paid $75 each to go on scooter roo which is a group of bikers take you around Agnes water/1770 to see the Kangaroos and sunset at the harbour with potatoe wedges (if you pre-order). Watching the sunset at the harbour was beautiful and the best I have ever seen!!! We met some more great people in Agnes and also managed to do Scooter roo with Jenny. One night whilst drunk, I even pinky promise to an American girl called Margo i would get my nose pierced as she wanted her nipple done but didnt want to do it alone - I have wanted my nose done for years so the next day we did it...very happy i have finally got it done!! :). AFter four lovely days in Agnes water, we headed up to Airlie beach on a 12 hour night bus...worst bus journey ever!!!
Airlie Beach is a little town to party and go to for Whitsundays trip. We had an amazing time in Airlie beach as Jenny, Joe & I went there and met more new people and people we already new. Here is where we met Maria another person to add to our Australian family. Maria did her Whitsundays with Jenny on Spank Me - this boat is shit no matter what travel agents tell you dont go on it! After a few days partying with Maria, George, Amy, Amanda, Marc and Megan & more people...Devin, Darryn, Hannah, Joe and I went on our Whitsundays on the Avatar boat. Whitsundays is where we met the famous Hannah who Jenny, Devin and Darryn new and also become our Aus family.
Whitsundays was fab - our first day we sailed out to sea, had some lunch along with a talk from the crew and went for our first snorkel in our sexy stinger suit. The first snorkel wasnt that good as the water was murky and couldnt see anything so we climbed aboard after an hour or so to sailed to our stop point for the night which was a turtle breeding ground so we saw plenty of turtles whilst waiting for our dinner and sun to go down. We had a view drinks around the boat but it wasnt easy around 10+ germans who just wanted to speak to each other and no one else.
The second day we went to Whitsundays island which was breath taking and we seen sting rays and also very lucky to see a lemon shark (reef shark) before going to our second snorkel of the trip which was AMAZING like an aquarium we were literally swimming through fish, there was Longfin batfish and an Elvis fish (dont know the proper name) swimming close by as well. The third snorkel was not so good due to murky water and it ended up raining. That night the crew put up a little tent over one side of the boat but it didnt help much due to the open sides. Everyone ended up with soaking clothes and the night slowly died. Mine and Joe's pod ended up leaking so we slept under the tent after everyone had gone to bed which actually wasnt that bad. Third day we sailed back to land where we washed all our clothes and had a lovely shower.
We met up with everyone again and become stuck in Airlie beach due to the Cyclone (graded catagory one) in Cairns. One morning after a night out, Darryn booked the greyhound bus up to townsville (the closest place to Cairns we could get) whilst drunk and become stuck an hour away from Airlie beach. So being fab friends that we are...we tried to save him so Joe, Devin, Jenny, Maria, Hannah and I all borrowed our friends campervan and set off to save Darryn to find we couldnt after 20 minutes because the Cyclone had flooded all the roads and the winds were really high so sadly we quickly drove back to Airlie beach and waited for it to pass. So we carried on parting without Darryn and gained a new member of our group - Naomi. The next day we had a Pirate tea party with party hats :) best lunch time ever!! That night we got drunk in our hostel and then some how ended up going for a wonder around the streets...this is where a fun/crazy night began. As we left the hostel we found a trolley and as you do...we got Jenny in it and Naomi to push whilst i ran along side them filming it but then we could to a crash...Jenny slowly rolled side ways into the kirb and fell out the trolley cutting her elbow open. Then it was my turn to push Devin around the round about and also let him run into a kirb so he jumped out quick as it tipped over. We carried on walking but without the trolley where us girlies (Jenny, Naomi, Hannah & I) had a full moon party - walking around with our bums just hanging out. As we walked around messing around, we come across a rubber dingy with a motor so Devin, Joe, Jenny & Naomi decided to take a little trip out to sea whilst Hannah & I waited at shore. Hannah shortly fell asleep on the side walk so I waited alone haha! After gaining all members of our drunken group back we headed to the lagoon...so the boys could skinny dip. Along the way we met a random lad who seemed to be drugged up but wanted to join in with the boys jumping in the lagoon naked. Well a huge surprise came next....the police turned up! Threatening a $1500 fine to the boys, checking my bag and one of the wankers had a go at me for 'touching' his GoPro camera....I just bloody POINTED at it...thats it!!! Well after an eventful night, we started to head back to our hostel when out of the blue...Patrick appeared!! That just topped of our crazy night. Patrick was a Danish lad we'd met in Agnes water and everyone seemed to know him from the east coast. He become obsessed with our friend Maria and wanted to marry her...calling her princess all the time!! So funny! Also somewhere between all these crazy days, we all went shopping around Airlie beach and when we got back tot the hostel we found out that Devin & Maria had decided to get engaged (for a joke) buying each other a dice ring. Poor Patrick :(
After four days of being stuck we were able to move to Cairns. We went as a family to party up in Cairns picking up Darryn on the way from Townsville. After cheese chips & gravy and 11 hours later we arrived in Cairns...
Cairns is one of the big cities in Australia at the top of the east coast. We stayed at a hostel called Calypso just 15 minute walk from the city centre, it was nice and cheap with free wifi. We had a few nights out in Cairns and everyone (apart from me) took part in a killer pool competition which Joe won and the prize was a free bungee jump! On the Sunday 20th April - Easter Sunday Jenny, Joe & I did our skydive at 14,000ft over Cairns at 9am. We were all briefed on what was about to happen and recorded for our video. I was told i would second to last jumping out of the plane but no he surprised me and pushed us out third, Joe going first and Jenny was after me. I had prepared myself to watch everyone else before i had my turn so i put Jenny off with the look on my face when it took me by surprise. The skydive was amazing and i could never describe how it felt free falling for 60 seconds as it wasnt how i imagined - feeling like a roller coaster. After our adrenaline rush for the day we had a quick shower and go ready as our friend Naomi got us tickets for a Easter pub crawl :) it was fab! We pub crawled around hotels and hostels playing different easter games and playing in the pool & even having a BBQ at one hostel. We had a really good day and even managed to make it out at night time going home after 1am...thats amazing for me as i am shit at day drinking!

The Wedding
After our road trip...Devin and Maria decided to get married so we all prepared for the day. Girls getting the bride ready and drinking goon, Devin tried to sort out a instrument player to come play at the wedding but he wasnt allowed to play past 9pm and the wedding was at 10pm. Jenny made this fab speak which had everyone laughing. Patrick even tried to stop his princess getting married by proposing to her at her own wedding. We had the wedding on the pier in Cairns, with a small audience. The bride threw up behind a tree before her wedding due to too much goon! We had a lovely reception in our hostel dorm with wedding chocolate swiss roll.

Looking for Jobs...
We discovered there was nothing around Cairns so we looked on gumtree for days trying to find a job and wait for replies. We finally got a reply so we jumped at the chance and it ended up being a scam so if you ever get asked by someone on gumtree to pay a desposit for accomodation before arriving its a scam!! Joe & I had another $100 robbed off us but then few days later when we had come to terms it was a scam, Jenny found a place for all of us to go called Oasis Backpackers in Mildura - a working hostel. The hostel is ok, owner is known for being a hot head but if you stay on the right side of him hes fine but all the other staff are lovely. Especially the cleaner Julie - who also has her own band and plays at Sandbar once a month inviting all the backpackers to go! Anyway we made our way down to Melbourne by air then bought winter clothing as it is fucking freezing down south in Australia's winter!! Hopped on a 9 hour night bus to Mildura....

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Our Australian Family road trip

...to Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation

semi-overcast 26 °C

Day One - We decided to have one last trip as a family before Hannah went home to England and Maria went back to her Au Pair job so we rented a people carrier, a tent, sleeping mats and set off for our wild adventure to Cape Tribulation. We drove up to Port Douglas to buy loads of food and alcohol for our trip. We also had a wonder around Port Douglas at the shops before finding a free government run 'rest area' which was donation run. We set up camp and also found there were no BBQs around to cook our burgers. So Hannah & Maria used their girlie charms to borrow someones gas cooker and just as we were having photos and the second batch of burgers were cooking...the fucking gas ran out!!! So we had to make do and eat half cooked burgers but luckily somehow no one got a dodgy stomach. After dinner, we started to drink and play games...it ended up being ring of fire....rule 9 being whilst showing no teeth saying pterodactyl until someone shows their teeth. Rule 10 was Stevie - not being able to move anything but your eyes and only being able to talk. The boys liked to take full advantage of this card, pulling down peoples pants, bending them over, holding their arms up, etc if you didnt play these card correct you had to drink but then the Jack card is make a rule...one of the boy made the rule if you have to drink because of the game then you had to take a piece of clothing off. Well after 20 minutes there was 8 people sitting naked around the pinic beach getting eaten alive by mosquitos!!
Day Two - We were packing up when a guy came over to us and told us how didnt appreciate hearing us shouting pterodactyl at 2am in the morning...well i didnt say it but we were all in bed by midnight so he was chatting shit but we all did feel back but amused thats what he has heard. We set off to drive to Cape Tribulation, catching a ferry across the river then drove to Cape Trib Camping site, set up camp, got some cheap food to cook as tonight we had a kitchen to cook in! We found Mason's creek and went swimming, it was bloody freezing but it had a rope swing. It could be ages to pluck up the courage to jump in off it and when i did i still manage to hurt myself and still to this day...dont know how! We had a few drinks after dinner and played some pool but ended up having a not so wild night due to being so tired. That night Joe & I decided to sleep in the car but that was a bad idea as well due to it being so hot in there but we couldnt open the window as i was getting bitten by the mosquitos so much. In the end, we got my mosquito net out and we opened the windows.
Day Three - We spent the day trying to explore around Cape Tribulation but we couldnt get very far due to not having the correct car (4X4) so we went for a walk on one or two beaches before heading back to Port Douglas to set up camp again at the same goverment run camp site but this time we made sure we werent so close to anyone keeping anyone awake.
Day Four - Our last day, it was Anzac day so we had a look around Port Douglas and had some lunch before making our way to Palm Cove to have a nosey around there before heading back to Cairns to drop off the rented camping gear.

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Our 88 days farm work..

for our second year visa!!!

semi-overcast 10 °C

Pam's work...
Grape picking - picking grapes (raisins)
Grape picking & packing for $2.20 A BOX ready to go to the supermarket
Green Bean Factory - sorting out green beans & packing to go to buyer (sacked for talking on the line! Didn't even know we weren't allowed)
Grape & Avocado packing shed
Garlic Factory - packing garlic for the market & supermarkets and also recently been trained to QA the pallets of garlic before it goes out
I did do the odd day of washing cars, picking pumpkins & painting around the hostel for extra cash.

Joe's work...
Didn't get farm work until a week later after arriving..
Working for Peter Norris - general work around the farm but mainly sorting out grapevines for next season

In my opinion, Mildura is a nice place to do your farm work. Mildura is a town 7 hours north of Melbourne (9 hours if you get a coach here). It has everything you need - pubs, bars, supermarkets, clothes shops, alcohol shops, cinema & bowling alley. Joe & I have had an amazing time here and met so many amazing people from all over the world.

Oasis Backpackers is a working hostel - they find you a job & pay $160 a week rent. You do have to pay for bus everyday between $5-10. The hostel is nice and the owner is ok if you don't get on the wrong side of him. If you want your second year visa, just keep your head down & party at the weekend. Apparently 80% of agricultural work is done in Mildura so unless you can find better on your own off gumtree then here is your place. I will warn you, Oasis backpackers in known for lying to get backpackers there so check out the seasons for fruit & veg picking/packing before you go there.

For Girls, i would advise you to come in February/March time when the grapes (contract work) are in season - usually 5-7 days week work as when the grape season ends at the end of May, jobs for girls are hard to find unless you work in the garlic factory but even then the work is slowly down by then. However there is orange picking (also contract work) jobs starting in Mid June. There are also other jobs like pruning & rolling grapevines after picking grapes is over.
For Lads, jobs are easier to find all year around as the Farmers always want 'strong lads' to do the stacking fruit and veg on pallets & fixing things around the farm e.g. grape vines & other general 'heavy lifting' jobs.

Anyone wanting to do their farm work I would advise you to give yourself 4-5months at least to do so!

We had the most amazing time in Mildura with all the people we met & made our backpacker family! I really wouldn't change anything & now we are finally free from our farm work and back on the road ?

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