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Friday - afternoon we landed in Sri Lanka in Colmobo aiport. Once we had got outside of the airport, instantly we were surrounded by 6 men asking did we want a taxi they give us good price...blah blah! Alls we wanted was a cig. We ended up getting a taxi to take us and we realised our hostel was miles away from the airport and it was extremely hot carrying around our backpacks. The taxi cost us 4000rs which at first we thought we was getting ripped off but to how far they actually took us compared to back home was pretty cheap. After 10 mins into our journey our co-driver announces we need to pay the toll fee as well but we refused and told him he didn't say that before we it should be included in the price anyway. After 5 mins of telling him no we came to an agreement he will pay 200rs and we'll pay 100rs. After an hours drive and 20 mins of being lost as the driver didn't know where we was staying we finally arrived at Mount Lavinia Homestay in Mount Lavinia. The homestay was lovely and had a lounge with a computer and free wifi. The owner was very helpful and kind to. She also had a pet tortoise called Otto who we all loved! After dumping our bags down we decided to go for a wonder around to check out the area. We walked to the beach when we walked into a beach bar to get a drink of water. For the whole 25 minutes we were there we got talking to the barman he was great until he wouldnt leave us alone and started going on about getting us a cheap van around, getting us weed cos we are young and taking us to the festival tonight with him and his friends. Eventually we managed to get away and got directed to the supermarket for some bits to eat and drink so we could have our tea back at our homestay - from a small walk around we were stared at, laughed at and harassed. We ended up having fried egg on toast which was yummy! When we sat in the lounge we met two other backpacker from Ireland who were lovely to talk to and also told us where to get a good and cheap takeaway from up the road. We decided to use the computer to map out where we was going to go as we were too happy with the place we were. The trains are at the most strange times and didnt really run alot on weekends and were long journeys just from Colombo to Kandy. After a while we decided to stay for the second night we had booked and travel to Kandy on the Sunday.

Saturday - Todayi woke up with 15 mossy bites on my legs and feet - wasnt impressed haha! We had a relaxing day at the beach, the two irish backpackers advised us not to go out before 3pm as it was so hot and humid. So we pottered around our homestay for a few hours before hitting the beach. We had a really good day and all of us felt so much better about Sri Lanka so later on we decided to plan our journey properly for tomorrow for heading to Kandy. We tried the takeaway from Cassarole Restaurant which was a five minute walk away from our homestay.

Sunday - Me and Joe had has a bad nights sleep as it was too hot, my cough was bad and my mossy bites were extremely itchy! We got up at 7:30am to get ready to catch the train from Mt Lavinia station to Colombo Fort at 9:10am which cost 20rs each. Then when we arrived at Colombo Fort we caught the train to Kandy at 10:35am, we got 2nd class for 190rs so overall our train journeys had cost us 97p for a 4 hour and 15 minute ride. Straight away i fell alseep on the train from the bad nights sleep i had so for alot of the ride i wasnt awake. From what i need the scenery was amazing at times of mountains and farmers fields. After along hot 4 hour ride to Kandy we got off in the extreme heat with our backpacks and made an attempt to find a hostel. We didnt get very far as we walked in the wrong direction and then two tuk tuk drivers came along so we asked them about a hostel so they took us to Prasanna Village Inn for 100rs per couple which is 50p in our money. When we got there, the owner had two rooms free but one was only ready in two hour which didnt bother us. It cost us 2500rs per couple but had to pay 500rs for air conditioning if we wanted it on but only told us this when we asked for it for the second room later on. Me and Joe decided to pay as we didnt get a good night sleep last night due to the heat but Adam and Becka decided they could live without it and saved their money. Later on we spoke to the owner about what there is to see in Kandy and he suggested he could get us a private van for the day which would wait for us and bring us back to Kandy for 8000rs for all of us. This would take us to Sigiyia, Dambulla Caves, Spice gardens and a few other things. This sound fab so we arranged with him for the van to pick us up at 9am tomorrow. After this we went to get some food and walked around Kandy city centre for 45 miinutes before we found a decent place to eat. We went to Green Park Restaurant and ordered chicken fried rice and chips for all of us. Becka, Adam and Joe werent too keen on the fried rice but since i had a cold i could only taste the spring onions which was fine by me as i was starving! We then climbed the monstrous hill back to hostel and played cards on the balcony for the rest of the night.

Monday - We woke up at 7:30am for our trip to find that the van was 45 minutes late and wasnt actually a van it was an old Toyota that we'd seen driving up ydriving up and down the hill for ages and kept cutting out alot! We told the owner we werent having a shitty old car for the day and packed our bags again and left. We gave the owner the keys back when he decided to tell us a van was on its way for us but we told him it was too late. So back to Kandy train station we went to catch the train back to were we first started and felt more safe - Mount Lavinia. We arrived at the train station at 10;19am and found the 10:30am train had been cancelled so we waited 2 and half hours sat on the floor inside the train station. Me and Becka needed the toilet whilst waiting for the train so we went to the toilet to find shit everywhere in one of the toilets and the other was a foreign toilet which was the toilet shape thing on the floor. In the end I needed the toilet that bad I had to brave it, the smell was making me want to be sick it was that bad!! When we finally got on the train it was a fight to get on the train as it was so busy cos the last train was cancelled. Instead of sitting down, we ended up having to stand up for the whole 4 hour journey. This was the train journey from hell - standing up was bad enough but in the heat on a packed our train wasnt fun. After a few stops the train become impossible to even move on and we were struggling to keep cool at all. After a horrendous 4 hour train journey we finally arrived at Colombo Fort where we then had to get another train to Mount Lavinia, after 15 minutes of waiting we hopped on the train in 3rd class as we thought it would be okay since it was only a 20 minute journey. Well how wrong could we of been!! The train was rammed and there was no room to breathe. After a few minutes of being on the train, a guy asked Adam where are we getting of at and then he went on to tell us that this train didn't stop at Mount Lavinia. We thought he was just trying to kid up because we're foreigners but after talking to a few other locals we found he wasn't joking at all. We had gotten on the Express train so it didn't stop at Mount Lavinia. They told us to get off at the stop after Mount Lavinia and walk or get a taxi to where we want to go! Getting of the train was the hardest thing, none the locals would move for us so we had to barge our way through and then jump off on to the train track as the train didn't stop next to the platform. When we finally all got off the train, i suggested to walk along the beach as it would lead us to Mount Lavinia beach were we knew. Well how wrong was I, it was the most awful beach i have ever seen, rubbish everywhere and boats all parked up. There were little hand built houses all in a line which were built out of anything they could find - we didn't exactly feel safe but we marched on and didn't stop until we reached the end of the beach and went through a hotel to get on to the road. We were really lucky the people seemed to be amazed to see white people so they were all just saying hello to us. After a long walk to hostel area, we went to the first place we stayed at put she had no room for us but advised us to go to 2 hostels but we couldn't find them and we was so tired we decided to stay at another hostel down the road. We then dropped our bags and went to visit our favorite takeaway place Cassarole Restaurant. When we got back we asked for 4 folks but they only brought up 2 folks and plates so we asked for the other two but me and Joe were too hungry to wait and we never got them anyway so its just as well we didn't!! When we went back into our room for a shower, Joe said he didn't feel safe here so we locked up ever door with chairs to help us feel safer and it was only for one night so we put up with it. Whilst Joe got a shower I decided to try and skype my mum and sister in the hall way as there was better signal but no one was answering. Before i went back to our room a creepy guy came up the stairs asking me - what is your name? what are you doing? Do you have facebook? I answered his questions and quickly went back to our room. Tonight our flight was confirmed we are getting out of Sri Lanka in two days time - we all felt relieved!!
Tuesday - Check out was at 8am so we quickly made an exit from the creepy hostel. We moved on to find one of the hostels the lady told us about last night but sadly they were full so we went to find the other one she suggested and luckily they had room for a 4 bed dorm it was 3000rs for all of us. We threw our bags down and went to the bakery and supermarket for breakfast. After breakfast we thought we would go to the beach to relax after the horrible day we had yesterday. We didn't last long as all of us become to hot and bored so we headed back to our hostel to chill. We looked for hostels in Singapore so we had an idea where to head for when we landed tomorrow. We got talking to two travelers one being American and one being German so we listened to their crazy lifestyle of travelling. After four hours had pasted it was time for tea so we got our very last takeaway from Cassarole Restaurant again before we packed our stuff up and chilled out.
Wednesday -
We got ready for our flight and had some breakfast from the bakery again and booked a taxi to the airport only costing us 2800rs this time instead of the 4000rs it cost us from the airport....

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