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Monday -
We landed safely in Langkawi at 18:15pm, the flight only took an hour! After collecting out luggage we found there was no security which was strange. We then got given a free map of the island with loads of leaflets to help us find what there is to do all over the island. Then we figured out what direction to walk to find a hostel when a local man stopped us and asked us where we was going so we showed him and he adviced us to get a taxi as it was such a long walk to Cenang - 2 hour walk. After getting a taxi for 20RM for all of us, we then went on the search for a hostel. We then found two hostels but they only had one room each in. So me and Joe stayed at IZZ ROOM and Adam and Becka stayed at Rainbow Lodge which were next door to each other costing us 50RM a night per couple which is 5GBP pp per night. At this time we were starving so we searched for a pizza place we had found on the map called Viva Italia. We ordered our pizzas and waited...starving! After being fed, we had a look along the strip. The strip is full of restaurants, the odd bar and supermarkets and clothes/shoes shops.
Tuesday -
Today we decided to get up early and rent a Ped. It cost us 170RM for me and Joe and the same for Adam and Becka - 50RM being a deposit, 30RM for insurance and 90RM for 3 days rental fee. We headed to Seven Wells Waterfalls and climbed an unbelievable stupidly steep hill which we decided to ZigZag across the road up the hill because it made it alot easier on the old knees! The waterfalls where a disappointment as they weren't running due to the dry weather but there was an amazing view though. On the way back down we found a horrible huge green spider which Adam almost walked into going the toilet. After walking down the huge hill, we bought and ice cream and some COLD water. We then made our way to the Black Sands beach to relax and cool down in the sea. It was fab, eagles flying in the sky, sea was calm and we found some shade to put our things down to run into the sea. We had a few photos taken on the beach which was fun then we drove back to the hostels. Afterwards we went back to the hostel for a shower and sleep before going for tea at Adam and Becka's hostel restaurant and had chicken curry and burger and chips. Then we sat on mine and Joe's porch playing cards til late.
Wednesday -
Before we set off to go get Adam and Becka, I had a go on the ped on my own but it didn't go well as I fell off around the corner from our room landing in gravel and scraped all my foot, knee and elbow....OUCH! Joe apparently told me not to drive on gravel as it wasn't save but I didn't hear him. After my accident we went for a drive to the cave of bats but when we got there we realised we had to do it through a tour. So we decided to carry on driving to the other side of the island to Kuah but there wasn't much there to see apart from the harbours. When we arrived back to Cenang our arses were extremely painful for sitting on the peds for 4 hours so put everything away in the hostels and headed to the beach to cool down. After an hour we was ready for a shower and a snooze before heading out for tea, we went back to Viva Italia but got a takeaway this time to avoid the service charge. I got a carbonara which was in a peppercorn sauce which was yummy and Joe got a chicken chop (sfc) and chips.
Thursday -
Today we took a drive down the southeast coast of the island and found the harbours. Since we had drove all that way we decided to chill out and relax for abit before seeing a lizard, a chipmunk (completely different to UK chipmunks) and the spoke to an Australian guy who lived in Langkawi on his boat and was planning to sail back to Darwin after he had fixed his boat that day. He said if we had the paper work and experience to sail he would of taken us with him on his 6 week trip to Australia. What a shame!!! After giving our bums a rest we headed back to Cenang and went to the beach again to cool down and it was boiling! Later on after our shower and tea we went for a drive to fill the peds back up with petrol for giving them back in the morning. The petrol tank had to be filled up to the same point as we got the peds. On the way back to the hostels we stopped at a 'look out point' we are not really sure what we was meant to be looking at apart from the lights of the other side of the island.
Friday -
We had to give our peds back today at 9:40am so we grabbed some breakfast on the way back to the hostel, Adam and Becka got a cheesy omelette but when it arrived it was an omelette with two thin slices of cheese on top of it and Joe ordered two boiled eggs and toast and got two uncooked eggs so Joe asked him again and got two cold boiled eggs instead. We then spent the day at the beach as it was boiling and we needed to cool down and didn't have the breeze from the peds no more. We then got tea from rainbow lodge again and talked about childhood memories of sweets and cartoons on mine and Joe's porch.
Saturday -
Today we decided the day apart as couples for some alone time so me and Joe went the beach and chilled out topping our tan up and cooling down in the sea. At half three we decided we'd had enough of the beach and went back to the hostel for a shower and a snooze before we met Adam and Becka for tea at 7pm meeting them at the secret meeting place of the grid in between our hostels. We didn't know what we fancied so we walked down the strip until we decided McDonald's sounded like a good idea. In McDonald's we ended up meeting a dragonfly which landed on Joe's straw. Afterwards we went to rainbow lodge were I updated my travel blog and the others played cards. Becka and Adam had decided they are going to Oz early due to problems with there bank cards and can't take out money on every country around Asia. So after a few hours of thinking what me and Joe should do, we have decided to go with them so Becka emailed her mum to get our flight changed to after we got back from Boracay Island. Our plans are to buy a van, do it up like a mini home and travel around Oz for a month or so before starting out working visa.
Sunday -
Today me and Joe decide to hire a ped again so we could go up the cable cars to the top of the mountain to see the view of the whole island. The view was amazing but sadly the skybridge was closed due to safety reasons. When we came back down we went around the oriental village where there was loads of shops to have a route around to see if there was any cheap clothes. We become hungry so we went to a food court and decided to eat a German food court as it looked the nicest buying chicken nuggets and chips but me and Joe ended up fighting over them but ended up sharing and playing nice. After having another look around the shops, Joe bought some shorts for 16.90RM but I couldn't find anything so we made our way back to the ped to make our way back to the hostel as our ped needed to be back for 4:30pm. On the way to the ped I actually find a dress that I liked so we asked the man how much it was and would he take 30RM but he wasn't budging on his price of 38RM as he already had a 20% sale on all the clothes. So after trying to convince him to take 30RM, we gave in and paid 38RM. We drove back the hostels and then had our tea with Adam and Becka.
Monday -
Today we went to the beach again all together and played with the ball in the sea. When we found a sea horse with its tail cut off cos of the stupid boats coming to close to shore. We felt awful but Joe killed it otherwise it would of been in pain for our and died slowly. Adam and Becka decided to go back to our room as that were they were staying as we was trying to save money so we slept a couple in each single bed. Not long after me and Joe joined them as we got bored. We stayed close to our hostel that night so we could just chill as we had a long 32 hour journey to Boracay Island.

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