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Our Plans and Our Trail Trip...

To Portugal and Paris!


Praia da Rocha Beach!

Praia da Rocha Beach!

Our Plans...
So far booked:-
10th February 2014 - Dubai for 4 nights Stay at the Grand Fortune Hotel Apartments,
14th February 2014 - Sri Lanka for 2 weeks,
Landing on the 1st March 2014 in Singapore...(Then after Asia we have a flight booked to Australia to work for 12 months but no date set)
Then whilst travelling around Asia it is unknown how long we will stay in the following countries - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia and hopefully visiting Philippines, China and maybe Japan if it's not too expensive before flying out to Australia for our 12 months of working.

Our Trail to Portugal and Paris...
Our trip to Praia da Rocha, Portugal was to help us find out how we can live and spend time together 24/7, I can happily say we had a fab time in Portugal and all got on very well like we thought we would. Portugal is an amazing place! We were meant to have our trail before we booked our travelling trip but we couldn't resist booking the flights before our holiday when we found out we could. Now on the 28th August, we plan to go to Paris for 3 nights for Becka's 21st birthday and to see how well we can budget ourselves in a expensive country.

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Only 119 days to go :)

28.08.13 - Paris was a success and we had an amazing four days together! We went to see the eiffel tower and walked up to the second floor which 669 steps! Then got the lift to the third floor! Also went to see the Cathedral of Notre Dame, put a padlock of Lover's Bridge and went to see the famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Finding our way around Paris was mad, they had so many train lines and Paris is huge but our hostel - Hipotel gave us a little map and were helpful with any information.

Well we only have 119 days now :) very exciting but nerves are kicking in when I think about leaving my family and friends. Working all the hours god sends to save all the money I can! Done all the research I can so now I have nothing to look at really without looking at stuff I've already looked at. Becca couldn't contain herself about booking another flight somewhere - our first choice was the Maldives but there was no longer any room for all four of us on the plane! So on 5th March we are flying to Boracay Island in the Philippines for a week, it looks amazing and like paradise! Little fab week break from being a backpacker haha not that it has even begun yet!

Well now we only have 4 months left we have most things like walking sandals, backpacks, clothes. Applied for our Australian visa through STA travel which was £295 and its safe to say we all were accepted :) surprisingly we all found out within a week but they can take up to 8 weeks but you will have a longer wait than others if you have a criminal record! Just need little things like worldwide adapter, mosquito repellent, etc. Also need our last Hep B jab in December and we have decided to get rabies as the nurse said in Southeast Asia don't have an immunoglobulin jab which apparently you need when you don't get the jabs before getting bitten. Also been advice to get the Japanese encephalitis but we have decided not to for now! I have set up Skype for me and my mum so we can call each other when we can but otherwise I think people will have to follow me on here as time difference will properly be a problem for a start! The only big thing we have left to buy now is travel insurance which we are looking around for the cheapest and best cover and longest as some websites only want to cover you for 12 months at a time. We have found our best offer price wise on globelink.com but we haven't yet compared the cover to others which are a bit more in price!

I thought the time from booking our flights, multi-flex flight pass and Dubai accommodation on the 2nd April would go slow but every thing is going so fast, even with 4 months left I feel like I am losing time to do things in between working a lot. I know I don't have much left to buy for us to go away with but I still don't think its long enough either. I leave work on the 23rd January so I have just under 3 weeks to say good bye to everyone and go see my sister in Bath. I will probably keep packing and unpacking my backpack for about a week because I can't decide on what clothes to take!

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Well here is 2014...

Only 39 days to go until we leave England...

Well its finally almost here after 19 months of saving up and it still doesn't seem real sometimes. We have finally bought our insurance with STA travel, as much as i didn't want to as they are abit expensive but you can't always trust online companies and we are covered for almost everything! I'll admit we have had a few annoying problems with STA travel insurance, just with details not being put in right so we have to ring them a few times which has been annoying! We sorted out our tax for Australia but still waiting for a call off the company to finalise it. We also still need to apply for our Sri Lanka visa which we shall be doing tomorrow! We almost have everything we need, just few more bits we need to buy! I was packing my suitcase the other day and wasn't impressed how many outfits I could take...five!!! Packing our lives into a backpack is hard especially when you want to take loads of summer outfits! We also still need to find out which malaria tablets we need for southeast Asia and how much its going to cost us!
Only got 21 days left in work now :) actually can't wait to finish work! I really am excited and can't wait to get going but I can't help but feel nervous about saying goodbye to my close family and friends, I find it hard saying goodbye to my sister when I see her twice a year as she lives down south! Maybe when I get on the plane to Dubai my nerves will fade more! I'm so excited to have my 23rd birthday in Sri Lanka, hopefully we are going to do an elephant trek on my birthday at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage :) would be a birthday to remember!
Even though we haven't even left the country yet, Becka is already making sure we all love the idea of Alaska for when we get to that part of the world! Planning all the things we want to do whilst in Alaska! She's crackers, I'm sure we shall be seeing other countries not on our itinery because Becka found a good deal or found something we must go see somewhere!
We all had a one last lovely Christmas with our families as we shall be in Australia next year for Christmas which shall be fab but strange! We've been planning our leaving party for the 7th February, just at a local pub I use to work at which should be good. Also going to book a coach to the airport so our families can say their last goodbyes before we go through the airport.
Maybe the next time I write something on here, we shall have already set off on our travels by then :)

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One more sleep....

storm 5 °C

Well the 10th Feb is finally here almost...
We all had our leaving do over the weekend which was good :) I can't believe how fast these two weeks have gone since I finished work. It has been none stop for getting everything sorted e.g. buying Joe's last minute clothes and then he decided that his backpack was rubbish so he bought a much better one from mountain warehouse! We pack all our bedroom up last week and then packed our backpacks the other day but just need to add few things. Spent a lot of time with family and friends this week which has been fab but not looking forward to the goodbyes today/tomorrow. I can't really describe how I am feeling...abit of everything if that's possible...excited, scared, sad (as I don't want to say goodbye) but mega happy as my dreams are actually going to be reality soon. I know I said I probs wouldn't write on here until I was away but I have been dying to for days and today I have given in :). Well in 12 hours we shall be on the plane to Dubai, for our trip of a life time! Just done all last checks on my backpack and small hand luggage bag.

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10.02.14 - 14.02.14

sunny 22 °C
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Monday - We arrived in Dubai at 19:27pm there time and was headed for the train station to figure out how to get to our hotel the cheapest and easiest way. The lady at the ticket office was very helpful give us our route and offered us a rail card for 20 Durham on it. When we arrived at our Apartment - Fortune Grand Hotel Apartments we checked in and was upgraded to a two bedroom apartment for all four of us for free! Then after dumping out bags we went to get some food from the supermarket. Well I really don't know why people say Dubai is expensive as when we was there we found it very cheap. 33 pound for 40 cigs, breakfast for 3 mornings for all four of us, 12 eggs, 2 tins of bins, bread, 2.25L fanta, noodles and some bread (I also think i have missed a few things. After a look around and our shopping done we decided just to have some tea and relax after an emotional and tiring day!

Tuesday - After going to bed late as we wasn't use to the time difference we got up at 12pm, had some breakfast then went to check the swimming pool out on the roof top! After an hour in the pool we went to go get ready for our Jeep Desert Safari which we'd booked with STA Travel. After waiting two hours in the lobby of the hotel, we found out that STA Travel had give the company the wrong hotel address and give them the address of Fortune Grand Hotel in Deira in Dubai. We brushed off the disappointment and went for a walk to the Burj Khalifa. The receptionist said it would take 25 mins but we guess he has never walked there as it took us an hour and we were still miles away! The city is huge, busy and posh. When we become hungry we ended up going to McDonalds as a quick solution. We thought we would call it a night after the food as we still had to walk back to the hotel about an hour away and we was walking to the Burj Khalifa tomorrow! When we got back to the hotel area we went to get some proper food so we had meatballs, pasta and sauce for dinner. Then after dinner, we discovered i had about 6 blisters on my feet so Becka popped them all for me.

Wednesday - Today we got up at 12pm again as we suck at the time difference thing! We went to the swimming pool to chill out and catch some sun. Becka went to skype her friends from work and then i went to see if i could get in touch with the desert adventure company as i hadn't received a phone call. When i went to the reception, i found a lady from the company already waiting for us and explained she hasn't had a reply from STA yet but she could offer us to go on the trip tomorrow for 150dh = 30 pound each instead of 50+ pound. She also said she has had alot of problems with STA in the past and don't book anymore trips with them. I emailed STA a snotty email after all the trouble we have had and quite quickly got a reply saying they are investigating our complaint! Joe also rang the head office of STA travel who just give us a load of rubbish and said we needed to go online and email them on the feedback page but this phone call cost us 10 pound as it was an international call. Before we set off to walk to the city we had 2 boiled eggs and beans on toast which Adam and Joe thought it would be a good idea to cook the toast on the oven ring as the toaster was taking too long. We then set off to walk to the Burj Khalifa which took us 2 and half hours and then a small train journey from the financial center to the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa. On the way walking to the city center, Becka needed a wee that bad she had to pee behind a tree in the middle of a back street. When we finally got to the mall we walked all the way round the mall before we got to the entrance of the Burj Khalifa. After waiting to get through we came to the lift which went straight up to the 124th floor in seconds it was crazy! Our ears even popped it went that quick. The views were fab of Dubai city all lite up everywhere so we made sure we got plenty of photos of the amazing view. After our trip to the tallest building in the world we made our way out of Dubai city centre on the train and made our way back to our hotel in Bur Dubai.

Thursday - Today is finally gona be the day we get to go on our desert safari so before had we are going to relax in the swimming pool on the roof top. After an hour or two in the pool, we went to get ready for our trip and making sure we get down to the lobby early so there are no excuses to say we're not there on time for our driver. After 20 minutes of waiting, the driver arrived and drove us to the desert which took an hour to drive to. Then we had a stop off in the desert to wait for all the other cars with tourists on the trip so we got out to take some photos and then the worst happened i needed a wee when there was no toilets around for miles. I asked the photographer if there was a toilet there and he said "if you need to pee, you pee pee in the desert" so that me and Becka did. We found the nearest area were no-one could see us whilst we had a pee. Unknowingly the two boys were sneaking up behind us to capture our weeing in the desert which was pretty funny. When everyone was finally at the meeting point, the dune bashing in the 4x4s started. It was crazy, the drivers had amazing driving skills because if any of us had done it we would of deffo ended up on the roof of the car (upside down) for sure!! We had to stop at one point because one of the drivers was stuck in the sand side ways so all the drivers come to the rescue which was a lovely thing to do. After 25 minutes of thrills dune bashing we got back on the road and went to camp where we had Arabic bbq and watched a belly dancing show and had the opportunity to have a ride on a camel. I was also able to get a henna tattoo on the palm of my hand which was amazing watching the lady draw it. After a fab night on the Dubai Safari, the driver took us back the hotel so we could pack our clothes up again ready for Sri Lanka.

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